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When installing a hardwood floor call the best Hardwood Flooring Company Portland Bateson hardwood floors is a professional contractor, you will be advised of the preparation requirements necessary for the type of hardwood that you’ve chosen. The sub floor preparation is extremely important for installing any type of hardwood. For example, if you are installing a solid wood such as oak, the best installation method is nailed or stapled. A concrete sub floor would be unsuitable for solid wood flooring. Unsuitable flooring must be removed before hardwoods are installed or serious problems might result. The finish of your hardwood flooring will dictate how you keep it clean and shining. There are basically two types of finishes that modern manufacturers use for hardwoods: Surface finishes – includes polyurethane, water-based urethane and catalyzed. Penetrating seals – includes oils, waxes and acrylics.

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