Hardwood Flooring Company Portland Bateson Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Company Portland True Craftsmanship at reasonable pricing. Services Include, Sanding and Finishing: New and Existing Hardwood Floors also includes stain of Hardwood Floors or Stain Work. Hardwood Floor Refinishing on all species of Hardwood Floors : Sand and Finishing on New hardwood Floors: Sand and Finishing on Reclaimed Woods: Installations on New and Reclaimed Woods (all available Species) Bateson’s Portland Hardwood Floors Services has been a Hardwood
Flooring Company Portland making Repairs on all Hardwood Floors on all Species of Wood Since 1981 Major and Minor Hardwood Floor Repairs is are our specialty. Our Services also Includes Re coatings of Existing Hardwood Floors making your Hardwood Floor look like new. We also Offer Insurance Work and Water Damage Repairs: Installations of Moldings to Match Your Hardwood Floors Installation of Pre finished hardwood floors We offer Tear out and Disposal of Carpeting, Pads, Chipboard so as not to leave you an extra hauling job. Finishes: Water Based Urethane Finish 3- Coat Applications Hard Wax Oil Finishes System S Dustless Sanding Equipment Furniture Removal and Replacement And A Total Clean UP of work Performed Call and Set Up an Appointment, or call Bateson hardwood floors a Hardwood Flooring Company Portland so we my answer any question you may have.

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  1. Thomas Bernath says:

    I used Randy Bateson for our floors his work is perfect he was reasonable honest and he completed on time great job.

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